Athletic Sports Bras for Women

Nationally recognized in the sports bra industry, Zsport offers a range of athletic bras made for optimum comfort and support. Our current lines of active wear sports bras are a result of extensive research with specific application for the womens sports bra athletes. We have available for sale on line four technologically advanced sports bra, all reasonably priced, for those women athletes who engage in rigorous exercise or competition.

Fitline Sports bra

Recently developed by Zsport, these women’s fitness bras are especially designed for multi-disciplinary athletes who engage in rigorous exercise and indoor sports. This sportswear athletic bra can be worn as an undergarment or outerwear and is great for all sports.

Zback Sports bra

This revolutionary patented concept is a combination of the Zbra and a built-in thirst quencher container. The 1 liter container built right in is easy to use and holds hot or cold liquids.


Sports Bra Technology for Women Athletes

In the fitness and sports apparel lines, all sportswear bras sold in the corsetry or athletic bra industry have been designed without consideration of anatomy or morphological data. These factors being considered allow for optimum comfort and outstanding support for the user of bras in sports and exercise. A market analysis for bras in sports was implemented in France as well as in the US, Germany and Italy confirmed to us that in no way was breast anatomy considered. The Research and Development department of Medical Z implemented a scientific and technical survey from new data.

Zbra Competition Sports bra

The Zbra Competition was designed for competitive women athletes with an innovative concept for optimum support and outstanding comfort. The widest range of sizes on the market: Sizes 30 to 44 Cups A-B-C-D-DD

Zbra Extreme Sports bra

The Zbra Extreme is a modern designed sports bra developed for competitive athletes. Its concept combines support, comfort and thermoregulation with a special fabric – Coolmax, manufactured by Dupont.



Products authorized by the French Olympic Committee Medical Commission.